So today I am having a ‘doubt yourself day’.  

I feel like I can’t do my job. It is often a lot of mini decisions that make up a bad day and as a teacher there are a lot of outside influences that you cannot control but today was just arghhh! 

There are so many deadlines this week as well as meetings on top of planning and marking etc. I am feeling useless and ineffective. Teaching holds some days stocked full of incredibly satisfying moments but today was soooo not one of those days.

 Almost all of my classes today were uninspired and I felt like I was dragging them through end of year exam preparation alone with them kicking and screaming. Maybe my lessons were boring, have I lost the ability to engage a class? It certainly feels like that today.

Or maybe it was the raging heat that we are all not used to here in the North West of England and it has tired us all out all at once? 

It is so easy to feel like you’re not good enough and this is when I eat for comfort. 

So, I suppose if I was advising a friend I would tell them to think of the positives so here goes:

*One pupil who I do not teach anymore came to find me to ask me to tutor her in college and asked me to sign her leavers book and uniform. The year 11s had been allowed to go home so I suppose I should be flattered that she stayed after school to find me and have me see her off 🙂 

*three of my year 9 pupils were dedicated enough to come to a voluntary revision session inside at lunch. Cuties! Especially on such a warm summers day. 

*my colleagues are one gaggle of amazing people; they keep me smiling.

Okay so it wasn’t such a bad day, just tough. That’s teaching I guess. Tomorrow is another day 🙂

Food wise I’ve done well today:

2 nectarines and a bottle of water for breakfast.

Lunch- Kingsmill sandwich thin (heb)

          – weight watchers tuna (1.5 syns)

Tea- very large bowl of homemade say and pepper chicken. 

Puft crisps (3.5 syns) 

I am really hoping to get 2.5lb off this week so I need to continue to make good choices. I’m regretting the crisps a bit but it could’ve been a lot worse, they are only 72cals.

Ps- funny part of the day; look what o drove past hehe 😊 true story.

  I hope that you are all having a great day!

Holly x 


Wednesday jump for joy!

Another day towards my future and enjoying the present 🙂  
Breakfast 🙂

Yum! Healthy extra b covered! Splash of healthy extra a and a super free 🙂 boom! Good start.

Lunch: courtesy of my friend Andrea who is amazing, always makes too much and offers left overs- she is also on slimming world.

Tea time out with Amy before trampolining 🙂

So much choice…

  This is what I chose:

I swapped chips for jacket potato and took the fried pineapple and egg off. I used 6g pack of butter on the jacket and corn (6syns max)

Exercise time!

Tramp2lean continues to be something that I am glad I have done but I’m always slightly apprehensive beforehand. I freak out about the trampoline breaking but so far it never has * touch wood. I don’t know whether or not I will go back as they keep filming us and putting us on their Facebook page for publicity I imagine but I am not comfortable with big ole sweaty me being plastered on social media for all to see.

Feeling good after the workout though! We may try and alternate exercise and work in Zumba and swimming too. We shall see.

I hope that you have all had an excellent day.

Keep smiling good people 😀

Holly x

Creative Blogger Award

So I am extremely flattered and grateful to have been nominated by The Tipsy Runner for the Creative Blogger award. Check her out- I love reading her blogs.

FullSizeRender 13

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.

2. Share five facts about yourself to your readers.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links.

4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.

5. Pass these rules on to them.

So I am going to tell you 5 things about me- Here goes:

1 – I am a teacher of English in a school in the North West of England. I also teach GCSE Drama at a school down the road in the evening. I have a lot of love for English but my true passion lies in Drama. I trained at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) that was founded and is still overseen by Paul McCartney. He popped in once or twice a year, ran the odd masterclass and he was the one to hand me my degree which was pretty cool!


2 – I have a slight obsessive love for the following things: stationary… all of it, interior design programs (especially the ones that are about up- cycling), owls- I have several pieces of owl related paraphenalia in each room in my house, and chocolate. I have learned to control that last one recently… the rest I have no hope with. I also should add that these interior design programmes promise so much and yet my taste still hasn’t changed. My interior design efforts always look as though they were the brain child of an 8 year old.


3- I love my family to pieces. My mum and dad split up when I was 14 so live separately now. I have a younger sister who is now a hairdresser. My younger brother works in a builders yard. My gran is my ‘bestest friend’. I call her every day and love her very much. Much love for the Gran indeed; she has always been there for me and even stayed up until 2am once to type my final draft of an essay- she read it to me and I typed! I now live around 45 minutes drive away from them with my amazing fella Graham who you will have heard receive a mention in past blogs. My two beautiful pooches also live with me. Their names are Lola and Willow 🙂


4- Disney. I love it! So much.. why can life not be just like Disney please? And musicals… pretty much all of them! Especially Wicked which I go and see every year for my birthday in whichever theatre it is playing at at that time.


5 – I am a messy person. I admit it. I am messy and my life can be described as organised chaos bundled together. However, I love my life, I love everyone in it and there are worst things I could be eh?




plus powerful


Lady Kell of Kincavel



Simple Living Over 50


It’s your turn! Get blogging and follow those rules. I look forward to finding out more about you all 🙂

Waheyy day!

So today I weighed in… I turned up nervously knowing that I have missed two weeks of group and put on at least 5lb the week before last – not that I went to group to have that officially written in my book *slaps wrist. I have been really good food wise since then though to try and lose it all and today Matthew, I am going to be (drum roll please!) 14stone 8 lbs!

That means that my effort to shift the gained weight worked and then some! I lost 3.5lb on top of that extra gain and so in total I have now lost 6 stone 9 1/2 pounds! Which for our pals overseas is 93.5lbs! waheyyy!

I am so made up with this and my group as ever were celebrating with me 🙂

My short term goal now is to reach that wonderful wonderland. I want the scales to say less than 200lbs so in 4.5lbs time I will be able to say that I weigh less than 200lb and considering 10 months ago I weighed 297lb I am one proud lady.

Here is my proud shiny face after completing today’s scrapbook update… by the way I don’t know why my photos are so small; I am rubbish with computers!

Photo on 09-06-2015 at 20.42 Shiny faced excitement!

FullSizeRender 11Updating my summer goal page.


So, when I first started to lose weight I took a piece of string and measured it around my largest area which was around my hips and lower back. I have kept it as a motivational reminder of what I do not want to go back to. I took a picture with said string today and held it out to the side so you can see just how many inches I have lost. I was shocked! So ladies and gentlemen alike grab some string and let it be a positive reminder of how far you come in case one week the scales let you down and you feel like giving up.

Photo on 09-06-2015 at 20.24Excuse the weird face – I am not used to having photos taken. I am still no slim jim obviously but progress is being made 🙂

So that’s it folks. I am off to complete a blog in response to the creative blogger award and will post that later on. I hope that you have all had an excellent day 🙂

Holly x

Over 100 followers! And the night before weigh in :s

So today I was just going about my daily business and received this lovely notification…

   This is beyond exciting for me as I thought that this blog would just be me talking to the little space inside the vast internet world and never read.

So this amazing! Even if I just had 1 follower it would make me happy as one of the reasons for starting this was because it was social media that had made me make my change. I hope that one day I can inspire someone to make theirs. 

Enough of my emotional overload; here was my day.

As It’s the day before weigh in I have had an so day.  

Breakfast: 1/2 honeydew melon.

Snack: cup of tea with a splash of skimmed milk (2.5 syns) and a party ring (1.5syns).

Lunch: two Kingsmill sandwich thins (heb) with a tin of the weight watchers tuna in a tomato and her dressing (1.5 syns)

Tea: omelette with pepper, onion, mushrooms and bacon. Cheese on top (Hea) and splash of milk in omelette (1.5 syns) 

 Total syns for the day: 7
I had a good day at work today. I am getting so much better at being organised at work and the feeling of this is keeping me motivated. When I am on track with healthy eating I find it easier to keep work life organised too, does this happen to anyone else? 

Ruth made my day: So at Monday briefing the form tutor whose form had the highest attendance for the previous weeks wins a trophy and had to stand up in front of everyone and shake the head teachers hand… A bit cringe. Today that was me. This was awkward and annoying until Ruth ( a languages teacher who I say with once at a mutual friends wedding) came down at lunch to tell me that I looked ‘thin’. Bless her. Now she used this term lightly as I can honestly say that I am in no way thin but the thought was there! Her compliment and the time that she took out of her busy day to come and tell me was really nice of her, especially as we only speak occasionally. So thanks to Ruth, who made the second half of my day extra smiley! I hope to give that same feeling to someone soon, it cost nothing and made me very happy. 

Amy also made me happy: She made me a piece of art made out of treasury tags… Can you see what it is?  True friend right there! 

 I weigh in tomorrow so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! If I get to 14 stone 10.5lb that will be 6 1/2 stone lost and I will get my shiny certificate and sticker! #nevertooold!

Hope you’ve all had a great day 🙂

Holly x

Image Therapy

Sunday evening is my time for relaxing and getting my head into the right space for the inevitably busy week ahead.

I attend Slimming World groups every Tuesday and my consultant Nicola has always spoken about the power of image therapy. I have come to agree with her that it is a great way to focus on your goal and give yourself some head space.

At Slimming World after weigh in I always stay to group. I love the people there. They are so supportive and we all often get most of our ideas from each other, despite having an amazing consultant.

As well as the group which I always stay to, I also try to fit in times during the week to reflect on what is going on. I know this sounds self indulgent but if you don’t give yourself the time to focus on you then nobody else will.

I use The Happiness Project 5 year journal to help me reflect daily. This journal has a day to view page and on each date it has 5 slots. The idea is that every day you write down something that has made you happy or appreciative etc. This way next year (and for the next 4) when you come to do the same you can remind yourself of the years past and then those little happy moments don’t pass you by. I had a bad habit of feeling like a day had been nothing but negativity but honestly, as stressful as a day can be I am lucky enough to say that there so far hasn’t been a day when I couldn’t think of a positive moment to record.

I also try to get a weekly hour to focus on me. I update my weight loss scrap book and have a bath. Whilst I am in the tub I take a minute to relax, close my eyes and picture the future that I want for myself. I think about how I will look when I am healthy yes but as we all know it’s more than that. I focus on how I will feel, how achieving goals will encourage my self worth, how feeling confident and healthy will inevitably improve my relationship with myself, with others and with my work.

IMG_0956 just look at the colour of that water!! It was also sparkly!

I try to remember how far I have come so to not lose sight of the big picture; believe me I understand that it is easy to be annoyed when you have lost .5lb but reminding myself of the successes before that helps me through.

Tonight I put together a before and now photo. It doesn’t look like much has changed but I can feel it and the 6.5 stone (89lbs) on the scale certainly notices the difference.


I honestly believe in image therapy and taking the time out to think about the positives in your life instead of the negatives. Most of us fail at losing weight because of those pesky negatives so let’s all try and find the positives in our lives and the reasons why we are making these changes.

I hope you have all had a relaxing evening.

Holly x

Sunday :-) A day in the life of me…with photos

So today as I am making up for my 3 weeks of syn I am following the Slimming World SP day.

I woke up and had half a melon which I forgot to take a photo of but a photo of a chopped up honeydew melon isn’t as exciting as you’d think 😉

I then had a mid morning snack of 2 party rings… they are the past, the present and the future for all sweet toothed people in the world and at 1.5syns each you just cannot go wrong!

FullSizeRender 3

For lunch I had a lovely Kingsmill sandwich thin (heathly extra b) with lettuce and a small tin of weight watchers tuna in tomato and herb dressing (1.5syns).

FullSizeRender 2

This afternoon I spent a lot of time marking books:

FullSizeRender 5

And then some time skyping my best friend Georgie who lives in Vietnam at the moment (not the best photo of her but I’m sure she would forgive me)

FullSizeRender 4

All the while I was being followed around by there beauties…


For my tea I am having two small chicken breasts with salad. There will be 1.5 syns in the sweet chilli dipping sauce (1 level tsp)

So thats my days of food coming in looking like this:

Breakfast – Honeydew melon              FREE

Snack – Cup of tea and party rings     3 syns + HEA

Lunch – Tuna sandwich                       1.5syns + HEB

Tea – Chicken salad                             1.5syns

Total                                                   6 SYNS

Hope you have all had a great day 🙂 Just two more days until judgement day… wish me luck

How are you all getting on?

Holly x

Sleepy pooches, adult colouring and friends :)

So despite craving long sleep in this morning the sun had other ideas, as did Graham. He woke me up pre-paint balling (I paid for him and his friends to go for his birthday and it’s come around). 

I read some blogs in bed but then came down for a TV catch up with the sleepy pooches – see picture. 

I then grabbed some food and spent an hour colouring from my new book. I absolutely LOVE it!

It was £10 in the shops but I found it on amazon for less than £4! I have bought one for myself and two others for friend’s birthdays.  I am using it to doodle and when I get good at it I will rip them out and frame them around the house. They are really sweet designs and I can colour them according to my rooms colour scheme! 

I have a friend coming around later and so we are doing some school work and taking the dogs on a long sunny walk. I will add pictures later.

I’m eating lots of fruit today to try and boost my weight loss on Tuesday. I’ll keep you all updated o my weight loss now that I’m back on track 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great day today 🙂 

Holly x

Fab Friday :)

Well I am feeling great today. Had a good teaching day and food was also controlled and I didn’t feel hungry.

Graham had a day off work and so I came home to a clean house and a sausage pasta bake which was lovely!! 

Feeling very lucky and grateful to have all that I have 🙂 

Hope you have all had a great day!

Will post some lengthier and hopeful more interesting posts over the weekend. 

Holly x