My Little Box March 2015 review – Super box

Before I start I just want to say that I am reviewing this because when I was trying to look for good reviews before I subscribed there wasn’t much out there. I am a subscriber now and do not get paid to review any of these products (I wish!)

As a part of my weight loss journey I promised to reward myself (WITHOUT FOOD) for my successes. I decided, as I was beginning to feel better about my appearance, to subscribe to monthly beauty boxes as a treat. I love the idea of these as they come once monthly and contain little treasures that allow me to spend some time on myself and try out different products that I wouldn’t normally purchase.

Last months SUPER box was my first box and I loved it.



The box arrived when I expected it to and had lovely packaging. It arrived in great condition and the label was personalised which was a really nice touch.

The Little Super Box’s content were wrapped with a ribbon and on top were the super stickers! I love stickers (those of you who have seen my scrapbook will know that). I used the stickers on one of the pages of that and saved a few of them for great work in my pupil’s books. A great little addition to the box.

After this I noticed the T-Shirt wrapped in a cardboard tube. This made me apprehensive as a plus size woman and i dreaded putting it on but to my surprise it did go on…just! It was very tight but did go on and I suppose it is another reason to keep losing weight. On the t-shirt it says ‘I believe I can fly’ which I think is a lovely idea.

Along with the previously mentioned contents there was a gorgeous draw string bag that contained:

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

I LOVE this! It smells incredible and feels lovely and soft on the hands, I think I will be buying this again.

Crayon Lip and Cheek stick from my Little Beauty

I love the idea of this. Every month there is a my little beauty product and they are always very beautifully packaged. I think this is the cutest little product but it doesn’t really go well on my lips. However, I have used it on my cheeks everyday so far and it goes a long way so I think it will replace my blush for months to come.

Kerastase Lait Cristal conditioner

This is by far my favourite. I love this so much and it came at just the right time. It smells incredible and did wonders for my overly dyed and heated hair.

As with all boxes you get a lovely copy of My Little World Magazine and this is another great reason to receive this box. I am not a beauty expert and find the hints and tips in this useful 🙂

I am really looking forward to receiving next months ‘My Little Box’ and I am so excited that I might subscribe to another beauty box in the hopes that one will come each two weeks so that I don’t have to wait a month!

If you subscribe to this box let me know what you think 🙂

Holly x


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