My Little Box. April 2015 – My little Dream Box

April’s box is totally dreamy!

So the package came in pristine condition once again and I could not wait to open it! I sat down on my bed ( I always give myself alone time to open the box, a minute or so just for me to saviour all of the goodies) and opened each part carefully. It really does seem a shame to open them at all they are so beautifully wrapped. I mean… look!

box 1

First of all… I LOVE Disney and so this quote is just perfect for me. I have kept this and have pegged it to my radiator as a reminder to keep dreaming. Something that is important to me at the moment as I am losing weight. I do realise however that nothing can become of a dream unless you act upon it. This, I think ‘My Little Box’ knows as on the back of this cloud was an address to which you can send an email. In one years time you will receive the email back and hopefully have achieved your dreams/ goals for that year. Almost like an online time capsule… love it!

Inside came an array of beautiful products just like normal but oh my were they delightful! So many different textures and things to explore. You can see it all in the picture below: (cushions not included :p)


The products came in a lovely, high quality, drawstring bag as usual this time the quote on the front says ‘do all things with love’ which is a cute memo for the month.

I was instantly intrigued by the cardboard box which contained a few items, I will come to that later. The obvious products in my box were the:

My Little Beauty Repairing Mask for Dry Ends. (hair product) My goodness this smells lush! I cannot wait to have a go at using this (that’s if I don’t eat it first!). I feel like this months box was made for me as I am always looking for ways to keep my hair in great condition.

Nominoe Gentle Foam Cleanser (face product) This looks like a luxurious product and whilst it feels good for my skin I don’t particularly like things with natural scents as in don’t smell like sweeties or things I would eat.

Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage. This product is lovely and luxurious but doesn’t quite suit my skin tone. I do think that I will use it as a cheek tint from time to time though if i’m going out out! :*


Next let me tell you about that intriguing little box inside of the box! It couldn’t have been more suited to me if it tried. A stamp! Not just one stamp… multiple options in one stamp. And it is my favourite colour AND it is a novelty shape which fits in with my style. I am a teacher so will get a LOT of use out of this (if nobody steals it from my desk that is) but even if I wasn’t frequenting a classroom I would use it for post cards, greetings cards and scrapbooking.  Such a cute little item! Not to mention the sweet ink pad that comes with it.


Now last but not least the little cloud envelope that came in the box. It was this that interested me the most! So cute, lovely stitching and the overall feel was very luscious. But you can’t get into it without scissors… I need to get organised it took me far too long to find them. It was soon worth it once I got inside. My hard work was rewarded with a beautiful necklace. See below. It has a coral coloured tie and a small gold coin with the words ‘bonne toile’ engraved onto it. I have no idea what it says ( I presume that it is french… when I am in school tomorrow I will ask a french teacher, that is probably more reliable that google translate). I will use this as a necklace or as a bracelet. I might even put it on my bedpost like a little charm who knows… but I love it.


As well as the goodies, in each months box you also receive a copy of My Little World  magazine that comes with hints and tips for the products and some up to date fashion articles etc.

This months was a fold out paper version and folded out to reveal a poster of a girl day dreaming. I cannot show that unfortunately as I cut out a different section for my scrapbook, it had a sort of dream journal for you to jot down your own dreams which I thought was a cute idea… see below:


I love this subscription and cannot wait until next month. I hope the review was helpful 🙂

I’m off to stamp some things now 🙂

Hollie x


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