Grayson said ‘dada’

Last night baby Grayson was rolling around on the new rug enjoying the new textures and got himself all excited. He was being vocal and after a couple of ‘say dada’ from me and Graham he did!! 

It was lovely and he said it quite a few times, then naturally he wouldn’t when I tried to film it. πŸ™Š

It was nice for my mum to be there when he said it and we all revelled in his cuteness πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

I have got to make up for naughtiness today. I had a lot of syns last night so I am going to do an SP day today and tomorrow and regular sized portions the rest of the week to make up for it. 

Today we are just staying in and vegetating apart from one dog walk. 

Graham is roasting a whole chicken that we can just pick at for meals with veg and once my mum has gone home I’ll do a quick tidy around and treat myself to a bath!! Love my Sunday me time! I have a lot of Christmas bath bombs to use. 

I am also going to do a small giveaway on a Facebook group that I am part of. It’s basically a group for people who love to get creating with planners and decorating organisers etc- very hard to explain without sounding like a massive geek. Long story short, I asked on the group for advice on where to get something cheaper as it is Β£30 new. Then a women offered to just give me hers for free if I pay postage! How kind is that?! So I just want to pay it forward.

Not much going on today so I’ll leave it there before I bore people out of their minds.

Keep smiling everyone




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