Confession…Ikea window shopping… & Chinese temptations

Confession… last night at the pub with my friends I had a carvery so I could see what I put on my plate but then I was ‘coerced’ into having a chocolate brownie with ice cream- it was amazing! Did have a Diet Coke though soooo that cancels it out right?

Putting the disappointing food choices behind me, today me and my mum woke up and had a slimming world breakfast of bacon medallions, beans, scrambled egg and a Linda McCartney sausage. 

We then took baby Grayson to ikea for a spot of window shopping. I’m really unhappy with the way my front room is; it’s plain and bare and not homey at all so I’m looking to redecorate soon. 

Also, my mum is about to move into her new house so was getting giddy about the possibilities of a blank canvas. 

We really enjoyed browsing and I managed to persuade Graham to let me buy a rug!! Much easier for Grayson to crawl around on now πŸ™‚ 

Once home my mum made us an omelette which was slimming world friendly. Trouble is… Graham is hungover and my mum isn’t on a diet so they not want a Chinese for tea. 

So we are getting a Chinese, and I’m also tempted to get a dessert. I’ve decided to enjoy tonight and have an SP day tomorrow and Monday to cancel out my naughty weekend. 

In the past feeling guilty has just had me giving up so guilt has to be put behind me and an action plan put in place instead to rectify the damage. 

So overall another great day but not a good food day in terms of dieting. 

Not much left of the day bar a dog walk and a quick nip to the shop for milk… what a thrilling life I lead eh? 

I hope your day has been filled with success however that looks for you.

Keep smiling πŸ™‚ 


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