Weigh in day

Baby Grayson slept till 8.30! Feeling refreshed 👍🏻 

I weighed myself… I lost 3.5lb this week which is obviously a positive but I’m slightly disappointed it wasn’t 5 as it’s only week two of my comeback and I usually lose more. Oh well… just keep going! 

Normal routine getting Grayson fed, dresssed and in his chair whilst I showered and made myself look human.

Then we went to the post office to pick up a package and then to Tesco to get quorn (and I’m no veggie) and kale… such an exciting shop 😟

Grayson sat in the big boy section of the supermarket and it made me realise how quickly he is growing up. Crazy that a few short months ago he didn’t even exist in the world. 

When we got back I put the shopping away and grabbed the dog; time for Willow walkies. It was a beautiful walk and whilst walking I came across an elderly lady with her dog. She was lovely and apologised profusely for her dog following me along way down the path. 

I took butch back to his owner and she explained that he wasn’t on the lead because he might pull her over and he mostly runs around the field alone as she struggles to walk. I hope she is out next time I go out, I’d like Willow to tire Butch out for that lovely lady. 

By lunch time I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten the apple that I’d launched in the changing bag on the way out. 

I made myself a quick quorn stir fry that was only 213cals and lovely. Definitely filled a hole. 

As Graham is out on his work’s Christmas do’ (I know right!! they call it the winter ball to make it less ridiculous) I am going out for tea with my friend and her son, so I need to pick low calorie option, then I’ll be getting home just before my mum arrives. She is coming up to see Grayson as it has been more than two weeks and she was having a meltdown about missing him. 

Lovely day again, I cant believe how lucky I am to have my life. Just need to keep being healthy so I can live it to the full. 

Keep smiling lovely people x  


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