So I had a baby! And other surprises… so now I’m back on track :-D

So… I was on a mission to lose weight and feel happier and healthier. One of the reasons for this was because I wanted to start a family and wanted to do this in a healthy way. 

I always imagined myself as a mummy but didn’t want to be one who couldn’t go on small train rides or chase after my baby. 

I had lost 7.5 stone and then put some back on which was dissapointing. Well… I  have since put a lot more on. 

Let’s start from October last year. I started back at Slimming World at the beginning of October ready to really make it happen. 

As a couple we had decided to stop preventing pregnancy but not actively try to get pregnant and just see what happened. We thought that it would probably take a while as I had been on the pill for a long time and had heard that it can take a while to come out of your system. 

It was all going really well and I had lost over a stone and then my birthday weekend happened (23rd October) and I had the weekend off. We had Chinese food, Indian food, sweets, chocolate and lots of alcohol. We went to the zoo, the arcade, waxworks, sealife, the pier… Everything Blackpool has to offer. 

Two weeks later my Ovia fertility app told me that I should be on my period and to take a pregnancy test… I did and it was negative. This didn’t suprise me as it was so unlikely that I’d be pregnant this soon. Plus, I had irregular cycles anyway and so the app was just a guesstimate. 

Then, two days later (November 11th) the app told me to test again. Which I did. At 5.30 in the morning just before getting ready for work. 

 Now as I had always been on the pill that means you don’t have a period, monthly testing was normal and so I didn’t get the apprehensive feeling I expect most people would get. I didn’t even turn the light on. Well two minutes later I picked up the stick and checked it with the light on my phone and oh my… A very faint line was there. So faint. I turned the light on and yep there was definitely a line. 😬 

Anyone that knows me will know that I love a big announcement. I would love to have kept it a secret and told Graham later in a really creative and suprising way but as he had always said he would rather me just tell him and I was so in shock I just ran into the bedroom and woke him up by shoving the stick in his face haha. 
9 months later ish on the 16th July my lovely little boy Grayson arrived. 

He is now six months old and despite being told that it’s to be expected to put weight on etc etc I am going to get back on this diet train as quests what?! I got engaged in October and we have already booked our wedding for October THIS YEAR!! 

My god I’ve got a lot of losing to do. 

I will be blogging as much as possible and using this space as like a food diary/ place to vent and share and receive tips on dieting and motherhood. 

So join me, help me and help yourself if you fancy a bit of weight loss. 


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