It’s been a while…confessions!

Hi everyone… Anyone? Haha

This is my little space to keep myself motivated and as always I gave in to temptations and slipped off the wagon. 

I lost 7.5 stone in 9 months and have now not been following the plan that helped me achieve that for 6 weeks+. Why have I sabotaged myself?! 

I have put on about 1 and a half stone in that time as I have drank and eaten a ridiculous amount just day to day and on my holidays. I don’t know why, I didn’t feel happy with where I was and certainly wasn’t done. One bad weekend made me slip back.


This has happened before. This has happened  several times. All of those times I let it get out of hand and fell off the wagon so much that I left it over a year and put all of my weight ( and more) back on. That isn’t happening this time! 

I have put weight on and instead of hiding for the next year and I going to go back to group on Tuesday, face up to the weight gain and get back on track. My aim is to get this gained weight off first and then set myself a target long term target.

I post this not because I’m proud ( though I am) but because I have been here before and others might get inspired by me getting back on track and join me. If I had seen a post about someone else giving up and getting back on track last time maybe I would have got back on it quicker. 

So here’s to a new start. Let’s all keep going together with whatever it is we need to stick at 🙂 

I set up my wii fit again and have gotten rid of my junk food cupboard. Here are some images to make you chuckle: just imagine this…

Well I’m off to read other people’s blogs to keep inspired! 

Have a great day! 

Hollie 🙂 


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