Procrastination day 2! 

7am: I woke up, let the dogs out and got myself a cuppa and 2 hi fi light bars.

I then washed a few rogue mugs from around the house and got the books from my car; I can’t ignore them forever! 

Marking was hard because of this: 

Excuse the messy dog bed and toys… And these little fluffy distractions:


Today, to break up the working from home malarkey, Graham is taking me to a local Artisan Craft Market: he is a good egg!

I always eat too much at these things, I regret it but I always feel an element of #sorrynotsorry! I mean just look…

  Not much will power was utilised today. I did do a better job at resisting than Graham though. He bought a steak and ale pie, a chocolate, orange and chilli sausage roll and that huge mother trucking millionaire shortbread! I did have a bite of the corner or that! 

I bought a custom made jewellery/scalf hanger (back right of photo) and some soy scented hearts that you put in clothes and bedding drawers- they smell like my favourite Lush product. 

Graham then bought me a beautiful bracelet 

   And this Oreo cupcake which I enjoyed with a pot of tea…
I know, I know… So many syns but a girl can’t resist this: not this girl anyway! 

I did some gardening today (before the gardener got here, does anyone else do this?) so I mean there is a bit of body magic right there eh? 

For late lunch / dinner I had chicken salad with sweet chilli sauce. 

After that came lots of marking and watching Netflix. Wishing it wasn’t Sunday so much was also a big part of the day 😦 book for Mondays!

I hope you have all had a great day 🙂 

Holly x


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