So I have 100+ reports to write and several data dealines this week but instead of doing that I went to the cinema and watched Jurassic World with Graham. I really enjoyed it!

 Little fact about me… I have always been terrified of dinosaurs. It was so bad when I was about 11 that when I went to Disney World Florida and the whole family went on the Jurassic park ride I was hysterical! I tried to get off several times whilst the ride was in motion and was so far hidden in the foot well that I wasn’t even on the ride photograph! Safe to say I have allowed myself the sanity of realising that they are extinct and now I can just enjoy the thrill of it all. 

Food wise I feel like I’ve done well as I haven’t eaten much but what I have eaten hasn’t been too healthy.

Breakfast = 1.5 Welsh dragon sausages (3syns) on a Kingsmill wholemeal thin (heb) with tomato ketchup (2 syns).

Snack = cup of tea with milk (Hea) and 6 m’&m’s (5 syns)

Late lunch / dinner= chicken stir fry with noodles 

1/2 glass of cider from IKEA (6 syns)

Total syns = 15

From IKEA I bought a lot of pretty yet unnecessary things as per usual!  Me and Graham have come home to binge watch Orange is the new black. Here is my getting ready room filled with a few of my ikea trinkets:

It’s quite hot here in England and so I have made some lovely syn free lolly ices for the freezer 🙂 yum! 

So a fun day but now I’m feeling anxious about the amount of work that I need to do tomorrow!

The joys of being a teacher eh?!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

Holly x 


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