Feeling better…

I apologise for yesterday’s meltdown. I was feeling down and ranted at you all. I suppose we are all human though aren’t we?

Today was so different. The deadlines are all still there and the mountain of tasks look at the back of my mind but teaching was better today.

There is one class in particular that I have found tricky since September and today they sat all lesson in a focussed state; I did not have to deal with any poor behaviour or apathy. I had to check myself at one point as I looked up and saw 29 pupils sat reading their library books in silence… the sound of success. At the start of this year there were at least 4 of them that refused to read point blank. I have recently had a break through with one lovely pupil who since January began letting herself down with behaviour and effort and that also makes me happy for her. She has so much potential 🙂

Today my Slimming World consultant put my April 2014-April 2015 before and after photos on our Facebook group and the members were so supportive. I was always embarrassed to share my successes with people that I actually have to face but this was actually a really nice experience.

I have had a naughty peek at the scales and they tell me that I have put a few pounds on since Tuesday! This cannot be right (it serves me right for checking at home) as I have had a good food week so far. I am not checking myself agin now until my officially weigh in on Tuesday evening. I am hoping for 2 pounds off this week but I will have to keep my fingers crossed if my scales are correct! boohoo!

Today for breakfast I had two nectarines and two rhubarb hi fi light bars (heb)

Lunch was a jacket potato with beans and salad.

For tea I had 2 fish cakes (5 syns) and 100g of the McCain rustic chips (1.5syns)

A sneaky little party ring (1.5 syns) also wormed its way into my mouth.

I have had 3 bottles of water today so I am feeling hydrated and energised.

Total syns for the day= 8


One thought on “Feeling better…

  1. Hi, you should never be embarrassed to celebrate your success. What you have achieved is amazing and showing your group will only inspire them to continue their journey. Congratulations and good luck with your next weigh in xx

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