So today I am having a ‘doubt yourself day’.  

I feel like I can’t do my job. It is often a lot of mini decisions that make up a bad day and as a teacher there are a lot of outside influences that you cannot control but today was just arghhh! 

There are so many deadlines this week as well as meetings on top of planning and marking etc. I am feeling useless and ineffective. Teaching holds some days stocked full of incredibly satisfying moments but today was soooo not one of those days.

 Almost all of my classes today were uninspired and I felt like I was dragging them through end of year exam preparation alone with them kicking and screaming. Maybe my lessons were boring, have I lost the ability to engage a class? It certainly feels like that today.

Or maybe it was the raging heat that we are all not used to here in the North West of England and it has tired us all out all at once? 

It is so easy to feel like you’re not good enough and this is when I eat for comfort. 

So, I suppose if I was advising a friend I would tell them to think of the positives so here goes:

*One pupil who I do not teach anymore came to find me to ask me to tutor her in college and asked me to sign her leavers book and uniform. The year 11s had been allowed to go home so I suppose I should be flattered that she stayed after school to find me and have me see her off 🙂 

*three of my year 9 pupils were dedicated enough to come to a voluntary revision session inside at lunch. Cuties! Especially on such a warm summers day. 

*my colleagues are one gaggle of amazing people; they keep me smiling.

Okay so it wasn’t such a bad day, just tough. That’s teaching I guess. Tomorrow is another day 🙂

Food wise I’ve done well today:

2 nectarines and a bottle of water for breakfast.

Lunch- Kingsmill sandwich thin (heb)

          – weight watchers tuna (1.5 syns)

Tea- very large bowl of homemade say and pepper chicken. 

Puft crisps (3.5 syns) 

I am really hoping to get 2.5lb off this week so I need to continue to make good choices. I’m regretting the crisps a bit but it could’ve been a lot worse, they are only 72cals.

Ps- funny part of the day; look what o drove past hehe 😊 true story.

  I hope that you are all having a great day!

Holly x 


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