Over 100 followers! And the night before weigh in :s

So today I was just going about my daily business and received this lovely notification…

   This is beyond exciting for me as I thought that this blog would just be me talking to the little space inside the vast internet world and never read.

So this amazing! Even if I just had 1 follower it would make me happy as one of the reasons for starting this was because it was social media that had made me make my change. I hope that one day I can inspire someone to make theirs. 

Enough of my emotional overload; here was my day.

As It’s the day before weigh in I have had an so day.  

Breakfast: 1/2 honeydew melon.

Snack: cup of tea with a splash of skimmed milk (2.5 syns) and a party ring (1.5syns).

Lunch: two Kingsmill sandwich thins (heb) with a tin of the weight watchers tuna in a tomato and her dressing (1.5 syns)

Tea: omelette with pepper, onion, mushrooms and bacon. Cheese on top (Hea) and splash of milk in omelette (1.5 syns) 

 Total syns for the day: 7
I had a good day at work today. I am getting so much better at being organised at work and the feeling of this is keeping me motivated. When I am on track with healthy eating I find it easier to keep work life organised too, does this happen to anyone else? 

Ruth made my day: So at Monday briefing the form tutor whose form had the highest attendance for the previous weeks wins a trophy and had to stand up in front of everyone and shake the head teachers hand… A bit cringe. Today that was me. This was awkward and annoying until Ruth ( a languages teacher who I say with once at a mutual friends wedding) came down at lunch to tell me that I looked ‘thin’. Bless her. Now she used this term lightly as I can honestly say that I am in no way thin but the thought was there! Her compliment and the time that she took out of her busy day to come and tell me was really nice of her, especially as we only speak occasionally. So thanks to Ruth, who made the second half of my day extra smiley! I hope to give that same feeling to someone soon, it cost nothing and made me very happy. 

Amy also made me happy: She made me a piece of art made out of treasury tags… Can you see what it is?  True friend right there! 

 I weigh in tomorrow so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! If I get to 14 stone 10.5lb that will be 6 1/2 stone lost and I will get my shiny certificate and sticker! #nevertooold!

Hope you’ve all had a great day πŸ™‚

Holly x


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