Image Therapy

Sunday evening is my time for relaxing and getting my head into the right space for the inevitably busy week ahead.

I attend Slimming World groups every Tuesday and my consultant Nicola has always spoken about the power of image therapy. I have come to agree with her that it is a great way to focus on your goal and give yourself some head space.

At Slimming World after weigh in I always stay to group. I love the people there. They are so supportive and we all often get most of our ideas from each other, despite having an amazing consultant.

As well as the group which I always stay to, I also try to fit in times during the week to reflect on what is going on. I know this sounds self indulgent but if you don’t give yourself the time to focus on you then nobody else will.

I use The Happiness Project 5 year journal to help me reflect daily. This journal has a day to view page and on each date it has 5 slots. The idea is that every day you write down something that has made you happy or appreciative etc. This way next year (and for the next 4) when you come to do the same you can remind yourself of the years past and then those little happy moments don’t pass you by. I had a bad habit of feeling like a day had been nothing but negativity but honestly, as stressful as a day can be I am lucky enough to say that there so far hasn’t been a day when I couldn’t think of a positive moment to record.

I also try to get a weekly hour to focus on me. I update my weight loss scrap book and have a bath. Whilst I am in the tub I take a minute to relax, close my eyes and picture the future that I want for myself. I think about how I will look when I am healthy yes but as we all know it’s more than that. I focus on how I will feel, how achieving goals will encourage my self worth, how feeling confident and healthy will inevitably improve my relationship with myself, with others and with my work.

IMG_0956 just look at the colour of that water!! It was also sparkly!

I try to remember how far I have come so to not lose sight of the big picture; believe me I understand that it is easy to be annoyed when you have lost .5lb but reminding myself of the successes before that helps me through.

Tonight I put together a before and now photo. It doesn’t look like much has changed but I can feel it and the 6.5 stone (89lbs) on the scale certainly notices the difference.


I honestly believe in image therapy and taking the time out to think about the positives in your life instead of the negatives. Most of us fail at losing weight because of those pesky negatives so let’s all try and find the positives in our lives and the reasons why we are making these changes.

I hope you have all had a relaxing evening.

Holly x


2 thoughts on “Image Therapy

  1. Wow Holly you can really see the difference, esp in your arms and legs! You are looking really healthy 😀 I have wanted to get my nails done for a while now but have been putting it off.. After reading your blog I have been inspired to do something and look after ME! Thanks Miss Fabulous!

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    1. Aw thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 I am glad to hear that you’re taking time out for you, it really makes a difference especially when you’re taking other things away (for me it’s Chinese food haha) let me know how your nails turn out or post a pic, I love me some nail inspiration! Xx


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