3 weeks of syn

Okay, confession. I have been away for a really long time and for as long as I’ve not blogged I’ve also not been 100% committed to my healthy living.
When I am not feeling 100% on track I ‘hide away’. I didn’t go to my weight loss group two weeks in a row (something that I would always say is the worst idea) and I ignored blogging. Does anyone else do this? Like if you don’t tell the world that it happened then it didn’t?

Only it did. I know it did. The scales know it did. So I’m admitting it, forgiving myself and getting back on the horse as some people might say.

Now, this all sounds terribly serious but I haven’t put my 6+ stone back on (maybe 1 or two pounds) and I am fully committed to carrying on and losing the final 50 or so pounds. I just feel disappointed that I have wasted three weeks that could have been filled with great weight losses.

Hakuna Matata!

Half term is over! The summer holidays are looming and I have just over 6 weeks to make myself feel really proud until I am off again and will need all the will in the world to get up and keep on track when my routines are not there to help me.

One positive thing that happened during my three weeks of ‘syn’ was that I started ‘Tramp2Lean’ which is an exercise class… on mini trampolines! It is set to music with disco lights and so far I am really enjoying it. I go on a Wednesday evening which helps me to burn off any excess I might have consumed after weigh in on Tuesday night :p It is a little pricey at £6 for 45 minutes but at the moment I am allowing myself that expense if it helps me to get healthy.

I’m hoping that this class will continue to inspire me into exercise and that I commit just as fully to swimming one night a week in the coming weeks. I really want to try my best to combat any loose skin that might begin to appear as I get smaller.

So that’s it really folks, I’m back. I have faced my little blips and am accepting it, drawing that line and starting now as I mean to go on. I am going to blog daily now even if I’m in a rut; who knows, someone out there could help me to stay focused.

I hope that you have all been having a great 3 weeks; I’m off to read all of your blogs now for more inspiration.

Holly x



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