Weekend of small syn

So I have become slightly tardy with my posts this week; apologies.

Yesterday I went to a teaching conference… hold on to your hats folks! Usually for these things there are some temptations but yesterday was much worse. I arrived and there was bacon sandwiches on offer and an array of pastries and biscuits; I resisted and got a cup of tea and a clementine. I did have to have sugar in my tea as there was no sweetener but needs must when you have to be awake in hot lecture rooms all day. To accompany my tea I had a slimming world hi fi bar to keep me going.

For lunch I came down to a hearty selection of sandwiches on white baguettes with lovely saucy fillings. There was also a free tuck shop with a huge choice of penny sweets to choose from. Luckily there was a strawberries and cream section and there was no cream on them yet so I had a bowl of strawberries, fruit and another hi fi bar.

In the afternoon there was cake… I had anticipated this and stayed upstairs as the gooey chocolate brownie would definitely had tempted me.

I felt like such a success after refusing all of that temptation during the day… but then I went to my cousins 30th birthday party.

As you can imagine there was a hell of a lot on offer and whilst I resisted most of it I did slip and take a few of the following nibbles and counted the syns:

– 1 chicken nugget

– A handful of crisps

– small slice of birthday cake

-1/3 mini brownie

I did have a plate full of diet friendly food too:

-boiled and savoury rice with sweetcorn and onion accompanied by ham, beef and turkey with beetroot.

Well that was yesterday. Today I have been a relatively good girl.

For breakfast I had 2 hi fi bars with a cup of tea and a bowl full of grapes.


Lunchtime: 2 sweet chilli chicken kebabs and salad with sweet chilli sauce. I was not the only one interested in the kebabs! 

Tea time: 2 Chinese style pork chops with salad and sweet chilli sauce.

Desert: one teaspoon of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream
I was hoping to get 2.5lb off this week but at this point that would be incredible unlikely. I will be very good tomorrow and Tuesday and see what happens. As long as I get the 2.5lb off by next weeks weigh in I would be okay with that I guess.

Sorry if this has been really boring.

I hope you have had a great day,

Hollie x


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