15th May

So this is a couple of hours late but I was so tired last night. 

Yesterday was such an incredible day. I spent the first hour of school taking my year 9 class to a drama workshop from my old university which was great. Second lesson with my yr8 class I planned a practice exam but we were moved to a performing arts room with no desks so an hour of group bonding and relationship building drama activities ensued. It was really nice to see another side of the pupils when they weren’t stuck behind a desk. 

I then took my year 9 class to LIPA to see a play which for some of them was their first time seeing theatre. It was such a great time and it was great to go back to uni and see the staff… The canteen women recognised me the most… Explains a lot doesn’t it?! :/ I planned lots of fruit and healthy food for the trip and was right on track all day despite being surrounded by all kinds of junk.

Then I lost it… I got home and persuaded Graham to go with me to our favourite resteraunt. I ate fries, ladles of peppercorn sauce and lots of veg that was probably cooked in lots of oil. I did have a diet coke though haha.

I will have to make up for it this weekend and stay very determined as I really wanted a good loss this week.

We are human, sometimes you need a date night with no guilt.

Hope you’ve all had a more successful day than me but if not don’t let it stop you going forward; one day off doesn’t ruin a diet that takes weeks, months or in my case a year or two.

Hollie x  

I’m off for a training day all day today that usually offers all kinds of goodies and m going to a cousins 30th party today. Wish me luck…



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