Keeping motivated and away from Ben and Jerrys

Thursday always tends to be a bit of a meh day for me. I don’t have any free periods at work and so its very busy. For anyone who isn’t familiar with teaching we also have regular checks from senior management to check that our books are marked properly etc. 

I am a bit of a perfectionist (with everything in life apart from my own health /wellbeing) so this always freaks me out. I know I mark well consistently but I feel like when someone is checking, I need to put more in. As a result I ended up marking throughout lunch and didn’t eat anything. Big mistake.

I’m now at home being beckoned by the Ben and Jerrys in the freezer… I have so far resisted and had a cup of tea as I wait for Graham (bf/amazingchef) to get home and cook my tea haha.

I had a nectarine and weight watchers yogurt for breakfast with a cup of tea and missed lunch as I was marking. For tea we are having salt and pepper chicken with stir fry veg and rice. 

I’m hoping to stay strong and stay on course for my 2.5lb target for this week. 

Hope you’re all keeping well and happy! I’m off to read all of your amazing blogs 🙂

Hollie x  

Updated my little plaque today, I really do love this! 



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