Hi 🙂

Boring day really.  I had a good food day today and tried to eat more fruit. I had a pear and a nectarine for breakfast with a cup of tea. Then I had a hi fi bar for break with another brew. 

For lunch I had a left over curry from last night which our local curry takeaway does as a low calorie option so it’s low in syns…bonus! 

For tea I had a steak with sweet corn, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, carrots and some oven chips that are 1 syn per 100g so I don’t think I’ve gone over syns today with the curry and chips. 

Hoping for another good day tomorrow too. 

I’m going to start exercising soon as I’m worried now about getting loose skin as I lose the weight. Does anyone out there have experience with huge amount of weightloss? 

I’m not sure I will definitely get the excess skin but I know it’s a huge possibility. It makes me nervous to lose more so I hope that I can stay strong and ignore any excuses. 

Any advice or experiences will be hugely appreciated.

Hope you’ve all had a great day 🙂 

Hollie x 


3 thoughts on “skin?

  1. I always have the same fear people say am young and that the skin will snap back but am afraid ive see people on the internet with loose skin an it isn’t pretty. or maybe weight lifting will help. I think we should do our research.

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  2. Hi, I wrote a post about my experience with loose skin. Please keep in mind that this is only MY experience and everybody’s body is different – genetics play a huge role in how much skin you have. And if you aren’t noticing too much now after losing 88 pounds, you are probably one of the few lucky ones who doesn’t have too much trouble with it!

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    1. Thanks Laina. I have got stretch marks so I think it will sag as I lose the last 60lb but hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’m going to try and tone so that the skin can fill back up with muscle instead of fat to a certain extent I hope. I’m hoping I don’t need surgery as its too costly for me but I will take each step as it comes. Thanks for the support x


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