I’m back for weigh in!

I don’t think anyone reads my blog daily but if there is anyone out there who does, apologies for yesterday. I was found late at night under a mountain of marking! 

I weighed in today at group and  an chuffed to tell you that I lost 3lb! I’m made up with this and it means that I’m only 2.5 from my 6 1/2 stone. That’s 88lbs total and I’m into the 14 stones now on the scales: not bad when I started in the 21’s 8 months ago. 

As you know if you read regularly I love to set mini goals to so at the moment I am working towards my ‘wonderland’ (under 200lb) which I’m 9.5lb away from and my 100lb loss which will come in 12.5lbs! 

Mega excited to keep going towards these mini targets as I’m still 60+ away from my goal weight and I need to break it down or the challenge seems too great. 

I have also added a new challenge page to my scrapbook and have made it successfully into my phase three (see picture). This motivates me with weekly spaces in the table, sections to colour in as I lose pounds and visual pictures and quotes to keep me going.

I hope you’ve all had a great week so far and feel successful and beautiful πŸ™‚ 

Hollie x


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