6 stone down celebrations

So this week I got my 6 stone lost award. The sticker and the certificate made me feel amazing but the thing that was even more rewarding was this morning’s delivery of clothes. 

I bought a play suit and denim dress from ASOS Curve and decided to risk getting a size down than usual. This being said I am still in the habit of buying clothes that are too big, especially from online shops when you never really know how accurate they are.

Here is a picture of me in both. Excuse yesterday’s hair and make up; the delivery woke me up and I couldn’t be bothered getting all dolled up to take a picture haha. #lazysaturday

The play suit is a size 22 and I could have got away with a 20 and the dress is a 20 but fits pretty well. I am so grateful that popular shops are thinking of bigger women and making clothes that suit our shapes. I love ASDA and Tesco but it is so much more rewarding to be able to shop in the shops that my friends go to. 

I am hoping not to need ASOS curve in the future but all shops should have options for those that do need it. Nobody should feel like they can’t wear nice clothes or feel good because they are not a conventional size. 

Food wise: 

For breakfast I had the usual hi fi bars x2 and had an early lunch/tea today. We had spaghetti bolognase, that was yummy! I’ve also had a couple of cans of Pepsi max and some honeydew melon to snack on. 

 Hope everyone has had an amazing day 🙂 

Hollie x


5 thoughts on “6 stone down celebrations

    1. Thank you! I am feeling great and needing motivation to keep going and to celebrate in different ways. For so many years I have celebrated with food so now is the time for change. Ps. Well done on your weight loss this week and congrats on MoT in dreading mine; I don’t think it will be as lucky as yours haha c


    1. Thanks 🙂 they are nice aren’t they, I’m so used to wearing baggy black clothes so this is very scary to take the step and just wear what I like but I’m going to do it 🙂 no time like the present! Have a great day and thanks for reading x

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