Size 18 thank you very much! 

So you read correctly, I have been able not only to buy a pair of size 18 jeans but I can actually fit into them! Now, they are a very soft and stretchy material but hey, this is a breakthrough 🙂 I couldn’t be happier.

This came after I left the doctors and had been told that my blood pressure is back to normal again! I am very smiley today.

Today’s food consists of:

-two hi fi bars and a cup of tea for my breakfast. 

– chicken breasts, bulgar wheat and salad for lunch.

– for tea I had garlic potatoes and tuna with sweet corn and kidney beans (Measly but I am feeling lazy and this was easy). 

Hoping very much for a 2.5 loss this week to take me into the next stone bracket. Fingers crossed! 


Wishing everyone a happy and successful day 🙂

Hollie x


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