Election Day here in the UK, a lesson learnt. 

So today is the day when on paper we all get to make a change to our short term future as a nation. 

I spent a lot of the day undecided about who would get my vote and I wouldn’t like to discuss politics here but one thing I do know is that by the end of today I will have voted. I do so as many have fought so that I can and so many live in a place where this amount of freedom is not an option. 

I also know that I feel small. Like I am having to vote to stop who I don’t want in power rather than who I do. Politics aside I have been made aware today that we have a choice.

We have a choice in everything we do. So I am going to extend this power to my normal everyday life. I choose what time I get up. I choose what I put in my mouth and I choose how much time I spend on the sofa or being active. 

I have the power to shape my life more than the men and women that claim they can change my life for the better in the next few years. Yet so often I forget that it is me who has that power. I let myself down a lot and I hope to start changing this. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who blames the past, or other people, the media and work or all of the above for where they are. Trouble is, there is only one person who can get you out of that. You. 

I vote today for what I believe in. For myself and for you all to make the right choices whatever that may mean for you and to believe that mistakes shape us, they shouldn’t hold us back.

Today has taught me a lesson about power and change for the better.  I will make sure that unlike those who hold a lot a power, I will do my best to keep to my promises and to think of how much I have instead of throwing blame on those around me.

 I will try to make daily decisions that will make better life for me and my community. I will see the best in people and allow myself patience and forgiveness. 

Make your own manifesto and your own policies and stick up for what you believe in 🙂


Hollie x


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