Day off

This made me laugh out loud today!

So I’m off work still feeling ill. I have slept a lot,  done some housework and marked some books. It’s so much fun being me today :/ 

On the up side I have had a rest and whilst I felt guilty being off work it has given my body and mind a chance to catch up. I love to think and being a teacher, whilst my mind is always active, it is often in rush mode or deadline drama and I don’t stop to just think about life often enough. 

I have enjoyed the moments of relaxation today when I’ve just sat with the dogs and had some pooch cuddles. I loved the feeling of sitting in my warm bed and knowing that despite this being the hardest year of life yet, I have achieved more than ever before. 

I am finally reaching points physically, career wise and in my relationship that excite me and make me feel proud; I no longer feel like I need to stand at the back of the photo or wait for someone to ask me to do something. 

I am hoping that this feeling will continue and that all of you will get more clarity this week/year. Keep on going until you are proud. Keep on going until you feel good about yourself and do whatever it is that you need to do that enables you to feel confident on our own. 

I have found this year so far that as much as you love the people around you and as much as they love you: you will feel lonely until you love yourself enough to let them get close. 


Anyway, self reflection over. Sorry if that was a selfish kind of blog but I guess we all do it for ourselves in some ways and just hope that we can reach at least one other similarly minded individual.

Have a fab day 🙂 

Hollie x 


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