So tonight we are entertaining guests and hosting them for the viewing of the big boxing match (which here in the UK is on at 4am). We have spent the day relaxing and chatting and ended it off with a meal at our favourite restaurant Bem Brasil! For those of you who don’t know it is a mega amazing paradise where there is an unlimited salad/pasta/veg and then waiters bringing 17 different meats around on barbecue spits. A – MA- ZING!

I do indulge and have a couple of chips/fries and a ladle full of peppercorn sauce so I will have to be good for the rest of the weekend. I WILL lose 1.5lb this week and get my six stone award!

This is a short one today as I have company and we have to have an early night so that I can be up and ready for 4… :/ good job I love him!

Have a fab day everyone, see you tomorrow 🙂

Hollie x


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