Drama exam and moderation day!

Safe to say today was stressful!

I woke up early and went to work early so I forgot my breakfast; I grabbed a hi fi bar to stop my stomach from eating itself. I had one free period today which was taken up by emergency cover in Food Technology – I did have a slight panic moment that I would have to try and teach a year 7 class to cook but it turns out we were creating a healthy meal plan! Something I can totally help them with now AND I don’t feel like a hypocrite! Personal win!

I did manage to grab my lunch whilst having a speaker phone conversation with the GCSE girls that were rehearsing for the exam later on today (in a school 20 miles down the road) I do love to make things hard for myself!  🙂 I had 2 slim garlic chicken breasts with bulgar wheat for lunch. It was really nice and set me up for the afternoon.

When the bell went for the end of the school day I grabbed everything super quick and drove down the motorway to job number two. Then, I marked 10 portfolio’s, watched a technical and dress rehearsal for the exams and prepared all red tape for the moderator. As nervous as the girls were, I was feeling it more! This guy was coming to check that I could do my job more than how well they could act so I was NERVOUS!!!

All of this time I didn’t eat: the exam / moderation started at 5.30 and didn’t finish until 8.30. This meant that I didn’t get home until 9 and by that time food wasn’t really appealing so I grabbed another hi fi bar and a cup of tea.

Turns out that as stressful as the day was, it meant I didn’t have time to think about food and I feel a stone lighter now that the girls aced they exam and I passed my mini test too 🙂 Lovely examiner man, which we can now call him, told me I was spot on with my grading and that we can carry on as we have been for the next year… phew.

Off to hibernate for the bank holiday weekend… not! Out for a naughty meal tomorrow but fingers crossed I can use my flexible syns and still lose the 1.5lbs that I need to get my 6 stone lost shiny sticker and certificate on Tuesday !!

Hope all of your days have been just as rewarding, but much less intense and stressful!

Hollie x


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