Thursday blursday

I am so good at rhyming! ;p

Rhyme aside today has been a total blur. I have had a full teaching day, duty at break time, a meeting after school and a lot of home work to do as well. It is my drama GCSE’s classes practical exam tomorrow and I honestly think that I am more nervous than they are! It is my first time teaching this GCSE and so with the exam tomorrow taking place at 7.30pm it feels so close yet soooooo far away. Wish us luck… I am hoping to not make myself look like a fool in front of the moderating examiner… I’ll let you know of any face planting moments on my part.

Today food has been on the back burner. I had 2 slimming world Hi Fi bars for my healthy extra b and milk for my healthy extra b. For lunch I had a weight watchers soup which was 4 syns and then had carbonara again for tea as I had the stuff in and it is quick and easy. I also had some french fries (crisps) which were 4 syns as I am trying to use more syns – sometimes I recognise that I am not eating enough… who am I?!

A combination of Graham, my pooches, and my health being on the up has meant that today has been a much less teary day. So sorry for the whinge yesterday… I had a bad case of first world problems.

Onwards and upwards towards the weekend for all of us 🙂 I WILL get that 1.5lbs off this week and get my 6 stones certificate and sticker… the things I would do for a sticker 🙂

Over and out lovelies,

Hollie x


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