Wednesday… The day after weigh day. 

I’m still not feeling too well and with no taste and no smell there’s not much that has appealed to me today. 

Here is a breakdown of today’s food:

Breakfast = cup of tea and 2 hi to light bars.

Snack= one Viennese finger biscuit and cup of tea.

Lunch = home made salt and pepper chicken and rice left over from last night.

Tea= 4 cracker breads with Tuna, chilli kidney beans, sweet corn and some sweet chilli sauce. Boiled egg on the side. 


All in all not a bad day. I don’t usually use many syns but I’ve used 11 today and don’t feel like I’ve really had much. I think I’d rather have a freddo chocolate bar than 4 cracker breads next time.

Is been a weird food day but as I can’t taste or smell I ate mostly for spice and texture. 

Hoping to feel better soon as it’s making me run down, fed up and anxious. I burst into tears today for no real reason, just have a heck of a lot of work to do and not enough hours outside of teaching to do it. 

I’m really hoping that soon everything will fall into place and that will also make it easier to stay on track with slimming world.

I find that I am most successful at weight loss when:

– My house is clean

– My work life is in check

Anyone else find this? It’s like a triangle and all things need to be in order for the others to work…

I hope you’ve had an excellent day,

Hollie x

Ps- positive Wedesday moments:

    A year 7 girl brought me these today, not really sure why?! Cutie! Now I just have to eat the in moderation and syn them up. 
My pooch relaxing on my knee as I blog 🙂  


6 thoughts on “Wednesday… The day after weigh day. 

  1. Hey girl! I hope you start to feel better soon :). I definitely find that when everything else in my life is in order (like my house, my thoughts, my schedule, etc), I am a million times more successful. Now if I can just find a way to get things back in order :p I will be golden! Also your pooch is absolutely adorable <3. Happy Wednesday! –x-Jamie

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    1. Thanks Jamie 🙂 it’s strange isn’t it about the link between housework and work life making a difference to diet. If you find a way to balance it all let me know :p they are cute pooches I must admit; they know how to cheer me up! As do you, thanks for the support 🙂

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  2. I completely understand being more successful when things feel in order. Especially when things I can control are in order. I get anxiety when I’m stressed out and I feel like if making my bed in the morning will help during the day then I’m going to make my bed. I know it sounds a little silly, but I’m much more focused that way. I hope you feel better, being sick is no fun.

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