Weigh Day!

Well today was the day. I was hoping that I would lose the weight that I had put on over the Easter two week holiday.

Last week at the doctors on Tuesday I weighed in at 15stone 11 which I was gutted about as it meant that I had put on 3lb over the Easter break.

I really wanted to get back to 15stone 8lb as that was what I was before the crazy chocolate filled Easter week. So, as you can imagine I was made up to be told tonight that I was 15st 5!!! That is a loss of 3lb since last at slimming world and 7lb since the doctors a week ago! 🙂 It just proves that the plan does work when you really stick to it (and if you’re a bit sick).

I am made up and have updated my slimming world book, my scrapbook and my chalk board that my friend from work bought me. It serves as a constant reminder to me of how far I’ve come and how far I need to go.

I did some maths today and worked out that so far I have lost:

82 lbs

37.1946 kg

5 stone 12.5lb

This means that I am only 1.5lb away from my 6 stones award!! Yay! I am aiming for that this week 🙂

Long term it means that I still have 57lb (4 stone 7lb I think) to lose to reach my ten stone lost target. It seems like a big challenge but at least it isn’t the 10 stone loss goal that I started with. We all just need to remember that the time will pass whether or not we are trying our best to diet we don’t want to look back and regret the wasted time in the future.

I also keep a tab on my BMI. It has gone from 54 to 38.1 which I know isn’t good but hey its a lot better!

As well of all of this to keep myself motivated I also check on percentage of weight lost from the start each week. This was an idea I got from the programme The Biggest Loser.

These suggestions might all seem a bit boring and irrelevant to readers but I just wanted to share how I keep track of my progress and maybe you could use one or some of the ideas. I find that seeing it in lots of different ways spurs me on (and working out all of the maths takes up my concentration and time away from wandering biscuit searching hands)

I hope you have all had a great day 🙂

A very happy Hollie x


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