Oh Monday! 

Feeling ill today 😦 a sniffly and fizzy head feeling. I’d have a day off but, wait, don’t be silly, I’m a teacher and that’s not allowed unless I’ve been diagnosed with Death.

On the plus side I got dressed and had to get redressed as my work trousers are crazy big now… I will have to go shopping…shame! 

Illness progressed to ear ache as the day went on. Running and blocked nose at the same time… How?! I couldn’t even taste my chilli! What a waste of yummy Mexican goodness.  

Teaching drama today so I got home late. This meant food was limited but with weigh in tomorrow this can only be a positive. 

Plus Graham ran me a bath for when I got home complete with bubbles and a super cute bath bomb! He also brought me a cup of tea… I’ve bagged a good’n here haven’t I?! 

Not got much to say today. ill, ill, ill, work,mark, mark… Meh! Home,bath, snuggles…bed 🙂 zzzzzz 

Weigh in tomorrow! See you on the other side!!! 

Hollie x


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