I’ve done it again!

Move over Jamie Oliver! I have cooked again and it was really yummy. This is really making me excited to be healthy as there are more options open to me each time I cook. Graham is usually the cook in our house but this week I’ve taken on the challenge of cooking some nights and it hasn’t been as big a disaster as we imagined 🙂

In other news (this is where dog loathers can tune out) we bought pyjamas for the pooches as we thought that they would look cute and stay warm after they were clipped. Unfortunately they are WAY too small for them, our fault for trusting online purchases, its not like its common knowledge what clothes size your dog takes haha. Despite not fitting the dogs LOVE them!

This was the craziness ensuing as I cooked the chilli this afternoon! Lola protected hers, then wrestles Willow for hers and ended up with both. Greedy madam!

Over and out… marking time! wahoo :/


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