1 year later photos, 1 week back on it after the Easter jollies!

Morning losers!

One year ago I was in Turkey, enjoying the sunshine, eating and drinking what I pleased.

I looked back on pictures of the holiday earlier today and my oh my! I did not realise how big I was!  
This is me now 🙂 I took that one on the right this morning.

I feel sad looking back at the old photo as I am smiling but I was not happy with myself. I was in one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been and appreciated everything but I couldn’t (wouldn’t) enjoy a dip in the water, or feel comfortable enough to jump off the edge into the pool despite wanting to.

I have now been back from my 2015 easter holiday for 1 week and have been back on the diet and blogging for that time. I don’t know how much I’ve lost this week until I go to slimming world on Tuesday as I’ve vowed not to get in the scales daily.

Looking back at these photos have made me realise how far I’ve come and how silly it would be for me to give up on my progress so far.

Test number one: I went to the cinema today and as always the smell of popcorn almost knocked me over as soon as I walked in. I struggled to resist the candy king stand and the share bags of malteasers and misterals (that I would not have shared pre diet by the way!) but managed to just buy a cup of tea. Small victory! To be fair it’s easy to resist when this happens: 

This is the gap between my hip and the cinema seat! 7 months ago I just about fit in very snug! Now I have space to relax and in not intruding on anyone who sits next to me 🙂 

Test number two: Straight after the cinema we went to Tesco- on an empty stomach! That was a bad idea. I reached for the shelves so many times but managed to think of the photo and forget it. I was tempted by a Freddo at the petrol station but I’ve put it in the freezer and avoided eating it there and then as that is when I regret it.

I am now at home and about to begin washing up and preparing for my tea. I’m going to have chilli 🙂 mmmm!

Feeling positive today and happy that my face looks less like the moon than it did one year ago!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far.

Thank you all for your support 🙂

Hollie x


7 thoughts on “1 year later photos, 1 week back on it after the Easter jollies!

  1. Hollie your progress is amazing! You’ve done so well and you are an inspiration. How much have you lost altogether so far on your weight loss journey? It looks as if you’ve lost several stone. Well done on not giving into all those temptations today – you are one step closer to your goal weight! Helen x

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