Reasons to be proud… the last 7 months.

As we go through our weight loss transition it is easy to rely on the scales to tell us how well we are doing. I have got into that rut myself and I have been reading a lot about how else we can measure success.

This is more of a personal log for me to look back on than it is interesting to any readers I imagine but I have decided to keep positive by looking back at my time since starting Slimming World in late September 2014 and to make a note of all of the things that I have achieved that perhaps I wouldn’t have done or enjoyed as much if I was bigger:

In October it was my birthday and we spent the day having fun, laughing, talking and most importantly not JUST eating. Previously any occasion would have been a chance to eat: birthdays, job promotions, christmas, easter, weekends, weekdays…

In December I graduated for the second time and unlike the first time, I spent the day feeling proud and not just worrying about how I look.


For Christmas I felt so different. In the past, whilst I know that it’s not the case, I always felt like the outcast of the family- the fat one who would sit in the corner and pretend to enjoy it. I always felt self conscious and during dinner I would wonder if people were looking at what I was eating. This time I was able to enjoy myself and get down to play with the kids comfortably.  There were also members of my extended family that I hadn’t seen for a while and they commented on my weight loss which felt great 🙂

IMG_3907 IMG_3921

I was able to enjoy my New Years Eve feeling less like a frump than I ever have and managed to have a hangover without reaching for the KFC boneless bucket which was a mega success 🙂


February was a big milestone for me. For my dad’s christmas present we bought him an indoor skydiving experience that me and my brother and sister would do with him. Safe to say I was panicking that a- I wouldn’t fit in the suit and b- I wouldn’t actually fly. I worked really hard to make sure that I was at least a stone under the weight limit but my shape meant that I might not fit in the suit. I arrived at the venue over an hour early so that I could try on the suit and face any disappointment/embarrassment alone before my family arrived.

But look! It fit! I was flying before I even entered the wind tunnel 🙂 Finally I could enjoy activities with my family and begin to live the kind of life that I want to.


For valentines day me and Graham went to a friends cabin that we had been to before. This time I felt full of energy and like I could walk for miles with the pooches and the other half 🙂 A much more enjoyable time!


And now… now I am allowing myself to be happy, to feel more confident. To be able to take my younger cousins to the park without thinking people will judge me. Going to the cinema and the theatre knowing that I will comfortably fit in the seat and I won’t get laughed at by the people around me.

Life isn’t perfect, but it is better and it will keep improving as I keep on dedicating each decision I make to make myself healthier 🙂


What are your reasons to feel proud?


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