Home day :-) avoiding junk food when bored! 

Woke up late today! Bonus 🙂 less time to be tempted to eat haha. I also have really bad toothache and I’m petrified of the dentist when needles become involved so the pain of that will stop me eating some things too.

These two things are obviously not something I recommend to anyone but I’m just putting a silver lining on my overcast Saturday.

I have to ring the tax office today and it literally bores me to procrastination thinking about it; last time I rang them I was on hold for 56 minutes before I spoke to someone! I will take the phone call upstairs to keep me away from the fridge/ cupboards whilst I wait…on hold…bored…thinking of malteasers!

For breakfast I was meant to have beans, egg and sausage (Linda McCartney ones) but the cook in me forgot to turn the oven on do sausages were a no go. Instead I improvised and had bacons and mushrooms #fail. It was a welcome change from the overnight oats / weetabix. I love the weekends for that.

I will take the pooches on a walk today to get me out and I’m honoured today as Graham is coming with me this time 🙂

Chicken dinner for tea? YES PLEASE! Graham will cook this though as I can’t cope with the huge chicken; I don’t like food with bones so he cuts the breast out for me 🙂

Feels like a good day! If only every day was a Saturday hey?!

I hope you’ve all have a good day 🙂

Final cute pic of the day from willow who has been watching me write this blog 🙂 – she needs a haircut…might take her today.  Over and out!


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