Breaking News!

Hi all 🙂  Demin and colour are back! I have been shopping and bought not only bought colourful items but denim as well! I really wish that I had had the confidence to wear colour when I was bigger but sadly I engulfed myself with black clothes in an attempt to hide myself. Not anymore! Now I’m no supermodel but I feel more confident and think that my progress in my body should inspire a wardrobe change. When I was bigger I never wore jeans as they seemed to give me a weired shape and never fit as I had a large bum and lower back. I lived in leggings and then about a month ago I progressed to jeggings.   But now I’m back in the denim and loving it!   I put these on as soon as I got home and my boyfriend told me that I looked like a neon light… I don’t care 🙂 I feel fabulous! Overnight oats this morning and my god! It was like a dessert and sooo yummy 🙂     I had left over carbonara for lunch and some thick ham chunks for snacks. I’ve had 3 cups of water today and I’m still deciding on what to have for tea.  Made the choice to walk over to the sixth form site today (a trip I’d usually take in the car) and enjoyed the sunny sunshine that rarely graces St Helens with its presence. This helped me with my step count and got me out of my usual routine which was great. I’m considering parking on that site every day to give myself a little extra walking, every step counts ;p Hope you’ve all had a great day! It’s friday!!!!  Hollie x


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