Day 5!

I am feeling positive! I saw two pupils who I havn’t since last year today in the canteen, I looked over and it looked as though they were talking about me. Negative Hollie thinks ‘great, more pupils talking about me looking fat or commenting on my weight whilst I buy my lunch’ – why do we always think the worst? A few moments later they walked past and one of them said ‘Miss, you’ve lost so much weight! I’m proud of you’… I could’ve cried. I love the pupils that I teach and always (as a result of my own insecurities) underestimate their kindness. That girl made my day today and I am grateful to her 🙂 That will definitely make it into my happiness project journal tonight!


I forgot breakfast today as well as my form groups books that I spent all night marking so I had to make a uturn back home half way to work! Don’t you love it when a day starts well :/ 

Didn’t end up eating until lunch time but kept topped up with cold water from the fountain.
For lunch I had a jacket spud with beans, salad and ham pieces. It was nice and I had a mini win when I didn’t put salt on it. I did have a Pepsi max though which I was hoping to cut back on.
For tea I am cooking (YES YOU HEARD RIGHT FOlKS!) sw bacon carbonara. I love it 🙂 It is not as packed full of veg as some meals I could have but I love it and slow and steady wins the race after all!
I am marking another extended project assessment tonight so will not have time for a lengthy dog walk, it will have to be a quick’n which is annoying as the weather is amazing.
I hope that you have had a great day and that the sun is shining where you are.
Hollie x

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