Day 4 

Hi all 🙂

I had a different breakfast today and used my healthy B for my weetabix. I had 2 with milk (healthy b) and a banana for breakfast with a cup of tea.


LAUGH OF THE DAY: I thought I would share the following picture. It is the list from my school of reasons why pupils will be on an after school detention today; pupil number 9 clearly isn’t interested in weetabix and banana!


No time for a snack in the morning so at lunch I had 2 small seasoned chicken breasts with cous cous (1syn) but as I had a meeting I didn’t get chance to cram in my speed foods as I would have had to go to the canteen for salad. Picture was taken half way through eating as I forgot…oops!


For tea I had a slimming world ready meal and it is one of my favourites.


I’m trying desperately to shift this weight I’ve put on during my holiday so I’m eating as few carbs as possible * (sp day)

Reflection after today

I need to make myself a promise: no more daily weigh in on home scales because:

a) I know that they are different from the sw scales

b) my weight can fluctuate from one minute to the next

c) every time I get on the scales expecting an instant reward for my lack of syns, I get disappointed even though I know it will take time.

I need to be patient and wait until group next Tuesday but I find it so hard not to monitor it daily. For this week from now on I am going to make a promise not to weigh myself until group – there, I’ve said it… no take backs! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a successful day (and if not, that you have forgiven yourself and moved forward).

I’m off on a dog walk in the sunshine for a little bit of body magic.

Hollie x


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