Day 3 – Doctor dreads

Afternoon all,

Started with a banana and Muller light for breakfast. Boring start but I failed at being organised and left my overnight oats jar at work 😦 

For lunch I had another weight watchers soup (tomato this time) and that was ok but again quite boring and as a result I ended up eating a chocolate from the table of syn in the workroom… Look at this… And this is a good day, we don’t usually have fruit there.
0f42cba2832fb0905f55cc039e96116c I think one of the chocolates will be about 4syns each. They are huge and lovely ones from a colleagues trip to Dubai.
For tea I had salt and pepper stir fry made by Graham 🙂 it is my favourite tea. I love it! Not sure on the syns on the shake but whatever it is it is worth it!
I went to the doctors and was a gutted to find that since being on my break from SW group and going on holiday which is 3 weeks in total I have put on 3lb. I can’t be too mortified as I thought it was around 7 but I must have redeemed myself since I started back on track on Sunday.
I was told I have borderline high blood pressure which in one way I’m not suprised about and would have bet that if you’d asked me but I am a lot more unnerved than I though I would be when it was confirmed. The nurse said it could be because I was nervous about going to see her and as it is borderline she is not overly worried but I need to go back in three weeks to have it checked again… Meh!
She was actually really sensitive about my weight and was positive about my progress so far so that put me at ease. I’m just hoping that I’m away from the risk factor when I return. On the up side If I think about what it might have said 7 months ago when I was 70lb heavier it would probably have read a lot worse! Keep positive 🙂
 I hope you’ve all had a smiley and successful day!
Hollie x

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