Day 2… back to work! To school for cool

Hello lovely followers 🙂 I am on day 2 of my slimming world diet reboot!


Back to work today for the start of the summer term and feeling positive despite the workload. I love work as there is so much to do in a day I don’t actually think about food until I get home.

I had overnight oats again for breakfast which I am honestly loving. I’m going to try banana tomorrow with a banana and custard Muller light which I think will be more like a dessert but you can’t complain ;p I will let you know what it’s like.

I worked through break and for lunch I had a weight watchers chicken noodle soup. This was a measly meal and was only acceptable as I needed quick food that I could wolf down whilst marking books.

I was made up today after nipping out of a class to get paper from another room and upon returning one of my pupils said ‘miss we’ve just been talking and we have decided that you look like you’ve lost loads of weight…well done you look really good!’ Bless ’em they’re hilarious aren’t they!

I teach drama after school on a Monday and it’s a half an hour drive away in Liverpool so when I get there I’m usually hungry around 5ish so I grab some packaged sandwich meat and some fruit. I know that this is a weird snack but surrounded by beautiful 15 year old girls eating a chippy tea and more junk snacks than you can imagine I need something filling and interesting (I usually go for sweet chilli Turkey pieces). I have drank a lot of water today in the hopes that it will somehow work miracles with my weight loss… not sure if it will help.

I have the doctors tomorrow and should be going to weigh in at slimming world if I get seen at the doctors on time… We shall see!

Quite a boring blog today I apologise but I need to keep it going daily to hold myself accountable! How have you all got on today? Any yummy recipes that I (or Graham as let’s face it I cannot cook) could try? 

Hope you’ve all have a great day.

Keep smiling,

Hollie x


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