Weight loss journal / scrapbook

First page of scrapbook
First page of scrapbook
First page: I have the amount of pounds that I want to lose represented in star shaped stickers pinned into the front. When I lose one I stick it on that front page. Great visual!  I also have a visual bmi scale and a smaller goal chart. It breaks up my goals into bite sized (excuse the pun) pieces. This way I can see my bmi going down and my goals being ticked off 🙂 I know this is very primary school but who doesn’t love a sticker?

The picture below was my first phase goal page. It has pictures of myself when I was happier with my weight to stir me on and one from recently which makes me determined not to stay this weight. I also added a chart that I could log weekly losses and a Christmas tree that had the same amount of stars / baubles as the amount of pounds I wanted to lose for Christmas- I coloured these in as I lost lbs. Along with this was a tag with my Christmas wish on the back… to be able to get comfy Xmas pjs! I did it losing 52.5lbs in the first 100 days!

phase 1
phase 1
A good place to keep the certificates that Slimming World give you. if you are going solo with your weight loss print out some motivational keep sakes to stick in 🙂 you’ve worked hard so reward your milestones.

Week 5
Week 5
I often keep a food diary of successful weeks so that when I’m running out of inspiration I can redo the week and hope that the weight loss will be just as good second time around 🙂



Reaching my club 10 goal! Losing 10% of my body weight and remembering why I need to keep going.

Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase two. As you can see I have dwindled a bit and missed a few weeks due to holidays so I am now blogging to keep myself motivated and hopefully so that you guys can hold me accountable 🙂 Again, I coloured in the spots on the eggs each time I lost a pound. I missed my goal by 4lb which disappointed me as I let myself get complacent. No more!

5 1/2 stone
5 1/2 stone
Recent inspiration page inspired by my recent mylittle beauty box. Hoping to get right back on track now as I really want a risk free trip to a theme park this summer!


Phase 3 is about to start with only a few weeks until summer! Wish me luck 🙂

I hope you enjoyed looking at my journal. I know that it is very child like and doesn’t look professional but it motivates me so hopefully it might inspire you to record your success 🙂

Hollie x


3 thoughts on “Weight loss journal / scrapbook

    1. I am glad it is helpful to someone as I thought that it might be received as something really childish. I do find that it helps me to keep focussed as it is something for me to do instead of snack if I am bored too! Thanks for the comments and keep in touch 🙂 I will check out your blog too, it’s very exciting at the start so you can remotivate me 🙂
      Holly x

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