Tidy room, tidy mind (less likely to feel stressed and eat the contents of one’s cupboard)

So today I have started my blog posts. I have written quite a few today to get the ball rolling and i’m getting the hang of it. It will most likely only be one per day from now on. I go back to work (school) tomorrow and so my days will be filled with marking, planning and data entries as well as my blogs so one a day will be all I can manage in the week.

Today, in order to get ready for the next term, I have tidied my school bag, marked 16 narrative writing essays and tidied my bedroom. I always find that keeping the place tidy helps me to stay organised at home, at work and as a result my diet stays on track too. I also need to thank Graham (boyf)  as he cooks the majority of meals and keeps me on track; I am lucky to have such a supportive fella.

So here is my clean bedroom (please don’t judge…my style is akin to that of a 9 year old) I have recently been adding little touches to it and moved it around a little as it is only a little bit bigger than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.

It’s a bit dark like


So clean and organised I am settling down for an evening of preparation for school tomorrow and whats apping work colleagues who have a similar view of going back to work 😦

Upside is Graham made me a lovely tea and as a result the diet is on track today!


Breakfast: Overnight oats (healthy extra B)

Lunch: leftover curry from last night (about 10 syns)

Tea: Chicken satay stir fry with peppers, mushrooms, onions and rice. (about 5 syns)

No snacks today and 1 glass of waters plus 2x pepsi max.

Really hoping to be proud when I go for my doctors check up on Tuesday and not dread the scales as usual!

Good luck to you all for tomorrow. Check in tomorrow evening for an update on Monday 🙂

Hollie x


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