Grayson said ‘dada’

Last night baby Grayson was rolling around on the new rug enjoying the new textures and got himself all excited. He was being vocal and after a couple of ‘say dada’ from me and Graham he did!! 

It was lovely and he said it quite a few times, then naturally he wouldn’t when I tried to film it. πŸ™Š

It was nice for my mum to be there when he said it and we all revelled in his cuteness πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

I have got to make up for naughtiness today. I had a lot of syns last night so I am going to do an SP day today and tomorrow and regular sized portions the rest of the week to make up for it. 

Today we are just staying in and vegetating apart from one dog walk. 

Graham is roasting a whole chicken that we can just pick at for meals with veg and once my mum has gone home I’ll do a quick tidy around and treat myself to a bath!! Love my Sunday me time! I have a lot of Christmas bath bombs to use. 

I am also going to do a small giveaway on a Facebook group that I am part of. It’s basically a group for people who love to get creating with planners and decorating organisers etc- very hard to explain without sounding like a massive geek. Long story short, I asked on the group for advice on where to get something cheaper as it is Β£30 new. Then a women offered to just give me hers for free if I pay postage! How kind is that?! So I just want to pay it forward.

Not much going on today so I’ll leave it there before I bore people out of their minds.

Keep smiling everyone



Confession…Ikea window shopping… & Chinese temptations

Confession… last night at the pub with my friends I had a carvery so I could see what I put on my plate but then I was ‘coerced’ into having a chocolate brownie with ice cream- it was amazing! Did have a Diet Coke though soooo that cancels it out right?

Putting the disappointing food choices behind me, today me and my mum woke up and had a slimming world breakfast of bacon medallions, beans, scrambled egg and a Linda McCartney sausage. 

We then took baby Grayson to ikea for a spot of window shopping. I’m really unhappy with the way my front room is; it’s plain and bare and not homey at all so I’m looking to redecorate soon. 

Also, my mum is about to move into her new house so was getting giddy about the possibilities of a blank canvas. 

We really enjoyed browsing and I managed to persuade Graham to let me buy a rug!! Much easier for Grayson to crawl around on now πŸ™‚ 

Once home my mum made us an omelette which was slimming world friendly. Trouble is… Graham is hungover and my mum isn’t on a diet so they not want a Chinese for tea. 

So we are getting a Chinese, and I’m also tempted to get a dessert. I’ve decided to enjoy tonight and have an SP day tomorrow and Monday to cancel out my naughty weekend. 

In the past feeling guilty has just had me giving up so guilt has to be put behind me and an action plan put in place instead to rectify the damage. 

So overall another great day but not a good food day in terms of dieting. 

Not much left of the day bar a dog walk and a quick nip to the shop for milk… what a thrilling life I lead eh? 

I hope your day has been filled with success however that looks for you.

Keep smiling πŸ™‚ 

Weigh in day

Baby Grayson slept till 8.30! Feeling refreshed πŸ‘πŸ» 

I weighed myself… I lost 3.5lb this week which is obviously a positive but I’m slightly disappointed it wasn’t 5 as it’s only week two of my comeback and I usually lose more. Oh well… just keep going! 

Normal routine getting Grayson fed, dresssed and in his chair whilst I showered and made myself look human.

Then we went to the post office to pick up a package and then to Tesco to get quorn (and I’m no veggie) and kale… such an exciting shop 😟

Grayson sat in the big boy section of the supermarket and it made me realise how quickly he is growing up. Crazy that a few short months ago he didn’t even exist in the world. 

When we got back I put the shopping away and grabbed the dog; time for Willow walkies. It was a beautiful walk and whilst walking I came across an elderly lady with her dog. She was lovely and apologised profusely for her dog following me along way down the path. 

I took butch back to his owner and she explained that he wasn’t on the lead because he might pull her over and he mostly runs around the field alone as she struggles to walk. I hope she is out next time I go out, I’d like Willow to tire Butch out for that lovely lady. 

By lunch time I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten the apple that I’d launched in the changing bag on the way out. 

I made myself a quick quorn stir fry that was only 213cals and lovely. Definitely filled a hole. 

As Graham is out on his work’s Christmas do’ (I know right!! they call it the winter ball to make it less ridiculous) I am going out for tea with my friend and her son, so I need to pick low calorie option, then I’ll be getting home just before my mum arrives. She is coming up to see Grayson as it has been more than two weeks and she was having a meltdown about missing him. 

Lovely day again, I cant believe how lucky I am to have my life. Just need to keep being healthy so I can live it to the full. 

Keep smiling lovely people x  

Bridesmaids dress try on πŸ’ƒπŸ»

So today (19th, in a few hours late publishing due to a Harry Potter type distraction) was quite busy but filled with friendship so it was one of the best kind of days. 
In the morning my friend came around with her baby (we met in the induction ward at the hospital so there’s only a day between the age of our little ones) and we chatted and sat on the floor as our cuties smiled and grabbed at each other. They are at such a cute age though I can’t actually believe it was 6 months ago that me and her sat in that ward desperate for our babies to come out. 

Then  I went to my friend Emma’s house to try on my bridesmaids dress for her wedding in October 2018.
When she asked me what size she wanted I asked her to get me a size 18 thinking that I will slim into it. And my god will I need to! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜­

It’s a beautiful dress and is going to provide yet another motivation to get healthy. 

She cooked us a really good chicken satay recipe from lean in 15 book and so lunch went by with no carbs πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» she also replaced chicken with quorn so even less calories! 

When I got home Grayson slept for 2 hours; this was a total win as I was able to tidy up and prepare for tea without having to stop for baby breaks.

When Graham got home we had a relaxed evening and I had my nightly hot chocolate as we watched a film. It’s only 55 calories and the coffee machine, assisted by Graham, makes me a beverage that would fit in at a fancy coffee house.

Grayson actually slept in his cot for a good hour nap and then after a bottle he slept from around 9 until now (it’s 6am so wish me luck for another hours peace, I don’t know why I’m awake typing I should be making the most of the golden sleep time).

Friday morning is weigh in so I’m anxious as I’ve been combining slimming world with my fitness pal so I’ve been keeping calories down below 1400 too so I’m yet to see if that works. 

Wish me luck, I hope your day has been a good one.

Keep smiling!

Holly x

So I had a baby! And other surprises… so now I’m back on track :-D

So… I was on a mission to lose weight and feel happier and healthier. One of the reasons for this was because I wanted to start a family and wanted to do this in a healthy way. 

I always imagined myself as a mummy but didn’t want to be one who couldn’t go on small train rides or chase after my baby. 

I had lost 7.5 stone and then put some back on which was dissapointing. Well… I  have since put a lot more on. 

Let’s start from October last year. I started back at Slimming World at the beginning of October ready to really make it happen. 

As a couple we had decided to stop preventing pregnancy but not actively try to get pregnant and just see what happened. We thought that it would probably take a while as I had been on the pill for a long time and had heard that it can take a while to come out of your system. 

It was all going really well and I had lost over a stone and then my birthday weekend happened (23rd October) and I had the weekend off. We had Chinese food, Indian food, sweets, chocolate and lots of alcohol. We went to the zoo, the arcade, waxworks, sealife, the pier… Everything Blackpool has to offer. 

Two weeks later my Ovia fertility app told me that I should be on my period and to take a pregnancy test… I did and it was negative. This didn’t suprise me as it was so unlikely that I’d be pregnant this soon. Plus, I had irregular cycles anyway and so the app was just a guesstimate. 

Then, two days later (November 11th) the app told me to test again. Which I did. At 5.30 in the morning just before getting ready for work. 

 Now as I had always been on the pill that means you don’t have a period, monthly testing was normal and so I didn’t get the apprehensive feeling I expect most people would get. I didn’t even turn the light on. Well two minutes later I picked up the stick and checked it with the light on my phone and oh my… A very faint line was there. So faint. I turned the light on and yep there was definitely a line. 😬 

Anyone that knows me will know that I love a big announcement. I would love to have kept it a secret and told Graham later in a really creative and suprising way but as he had always said he would rather me just tell him and I was so in shock I just ran into the bedroom and woke him up by shoving the stick in his face haha. 
9 months later ish on the 16th July my lovely little boy Grayson arrived. 

He is now six months old and despite being told that it’s to be expected to put weight on etc etc I am going to get back on this diet train as quests what?! I got engaged in October and we have already booked our wedding for October THIS YEAR!! 

My god I’ve got a lot of losing to do. 

I will be blogging as much as possible and using this space as like a food diary/ place to vent and share and receive tips on dieting and motherhood. 

So join me, help me and help yourself if you fancy a bit of weight loss. 

It’s been a while…confessions!

Hi everyone… Anyone? Haha

This is my little space to keep myself motivated and as always I gave in to temptations and slipped off the wagon. 

I lost 7.5 stone in 9 months and have now not been following the plan that helped me achieve that for 6 weeks+. Why have I sabotaged myself?! 

I have put on about 1 and a half stone in that time as I have drank and eaten a ridiculous amount just day to day and on my holidays. I don’t know why, I didn’t feel happy with where I was and certainly wasn’t done. One bad weekend made me slip back.


This has happened before. This has happened  several times. All of those times I let it get out of hand and fell off the wagon so much that I left it over a year and put all of my weight ( and more) back on. That isn’t happening this time! 

I have put weight on and instead of hiding for the next year and I going to go back to group on Tuesday, face up to the weight gain and get back on track. My aim is to get this gained weight off first and then set myself a target long term target.

I post this not because I’m proud ( though I am) but because I have been here before and others might get inspired by me getting back on track and join me. If I had seen a post about someone else giving up and getting back on track last time maybe I would have got back on it quicker. 

So here’s to a new start. Let’s all keep going together with whatever it is we need to stick at πŸ™‚ 

I set up my wii fit again and have gotten rid of my junk food cupboard. Here are some images to make you chuckle: just imagine this…

Well I’m off to read other people’s blogs to keep inspired! 

Have a great day! 

Hollie πŸ™‚ 

Procrastination day 2!Β 

7am: I woke up, let the dogs out and got myself a cuppa and 2 hi fi light bars.

I then washed a few rogue mugs from around the house and got the books from my car; I can’t ignore them forever! 

Marking was hard because of this: 

Excuse the messy dog bed and toys… And these little fluffy distractions:


Today, to break up the working from home malarkey, Graham is taking me to a local Artisan Craft Market: he is a good egg!

I always eat too much at these things, I regret it but I always feel an element of #sorrynotsorry! I mean just look…

  Not much will power was utilised today. I did do a better job at resisting than Graham though. He bought a steak and ale pie, a chocolate, orange and chilli sausage roll and that huge mother trucking millionaire shortbread! I did have a bite of the corner or that! 

I bought a custom made jewellery/scalf hanger (back right of photo) and some soy scented hearts that you put in clothes and bedding drawers- they smell like my favourite Lush product. 

Graham then bought me a beautiful bracelet 

   And this Oreo cupcake which I enjoyed with a pot of tea…
I know, I know… So many syns but a girl can’t resist this: not this girl anyway! 

I did some gardening today (before the gardener got here, does anyone else do this?) so I mean there is a bit of body magic right there eh? 

For late lunch / dinner I had chicken salad with sweet chilli sauce. 

After that came lots of marking and watching Netflix. Wishing it wasn’t Sunday so much was also a big part of the day 😦 book for Mondays!

I hope you have all had a great day πŸ™‚ 

Holly x


So I have 100+ reports to write and several data dealines this week but instead of doing that I went to the cinema and watched Jurassic World with Graham. I really enjoyed it!

 Little fact about me… I have always been terrified of dinosaurs. It was so bad when I was about 11 that when I went to Disney World Florida and the whole family went on the Jurassic park ride I was hysterical! I tried to get off several times whilst the ride was in motion and was so far hidden in the foot well that I wasn’t even on the ride photograph! Safe to say I have allowed myself the sanity of realising that they are extinct and now I can just enjoy the thrill of it all. 

Food wise I feel like I’ve done well as I haven’t eaten much but what I have eaten hasn’t been too healthy.

Breakfast = 1.5 Welsh dragon sausages (3syns) on a Kingsmill wholemeal thin (heb) with tomato ketchup (2 syns).

Snack = cup of tea with milk (Hea) and 6 m’&m’s (5 syns)

Late lunch / dinner= chicken stir fry with noodles 

1/2 glass of cider from IKEA (6 syns)

Total syns = 15

From IKEA I bought a lot of pretty yet unnecessary things as per usual!  Me and Graham have come home to binge watch Orange is the new black. Here is my getting ready room filled with a few of my ikea trinkets:

It’s quite hot here in England and so I have made some lovely syn free lolly ices for the freezer πŸ™‚ yum! 

So a fun day but now I’m feeling anxious about the amount of work that I need to do tomorrow!

The joys of being a teacher eh?!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

Holly x 

Feeling better…

I apologise for yesterday’s meltdown. I was feeling down and ranted at you all. I suppose we are all human though aren’t we?

Today was so different. The deadlines are all still there and the mountain of tasks look at the back of my mind but teaching was better today.

There is one class in particular that I have found tricky since September and today they sat all lesson in a focussed state; I did not have to deal with any poor behaviour or apathy. I had to check myself at one point as I looked up and saw 29 pupils sat reading their library books in silence… the sound of success. At the start of this year there were at least 4 of them that refused to read point blank. I have recently had a break through with one lovely pupil who since January began letting herself down with behaviour and effort and that also makes me happy for her. She has so much potential πŸ™‚

Today my Slimming World consultant put my April 2014-April 2015 before and after photos on our Facebook group and the members were so supportive. I was always embarrassed to share my successes with people that I actually have to face but this was actually a really nice experience.

I have had a naughty peek at the scales and they tell me that I have put a few pounds on since Tuesday! This cannot be right (it serves me right for checking at home) as I have had a good food week so far. I am not checking myself agin now until my officially weigh in on Tuesday evening. I am hoping for 2 pounds off this week but I will have to keep my fingers crossed if my scales are correct! boohoo!

Today for breakfast I had two nectarines and two rhubarb hi fi light bars (heb)

Lunch was a jacket potato with beans and salad.

For tea I had 2 fish cakes (5 syns) and 100g of the McCain rustic chips (1.5syns)

A sneaky little party ring (1.5 syns) also wormed its way into my mouth.

I have had 3 bottles of water today so I am feeling hydrated and energised.

Total syns for the day= 8